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The Three Hills

Three Hill Path Incorporated is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes improve operations through development and implementation of software solutions. Sometimes an existing software package can be configured to meet a business’s needs, and sometimes it requires a custom solution to be developed from scratch. Three Hill Path Incorporated has the expertise and experience necessary to help you find your way from start to finish.


Establish where you stand, and determine where you want your business to go. Define your goals, and create a clear vision of what technology can do for you. 3HPi can point out the places you can go, and help pick your best destination.


3HPi will offer the guidance to establish the most effective path between you and your technology destination, and help you determine what it will take to get there. Knowing your route will help you know if the journey is one you should take.


Once you know where you want to go, what it will take to get there, and whether the solution is right for you, 3HPi will walk the path with you. 3HPi has the knowledge and experience to deliver the technology that waits just beyond those hills.


3HPi develops custom software for clients to address specific business needs, as well as applications to help specific industries.

IPM Codex

Compliance Tools

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Our Path

Our path

  • January 2015


    Three Hill Path Incorporated is founded as a software consulting firm with a secondary focus on creating cloud-based Software-as-a-Service products.

  • October 2015

    IPM Codex Focus

    Dedicated development on IPM Codex becomes the number one priority of 3HPi. While our consulting services are available, the majority of time is spent creating automation processes and conducting research around the California Healthy Schools Act.

  • August 2016

    IPM Codex Live

    IPM Codex goes live with its first school district, keeping children safe with the first publicly available comprehensive California Healthy Schools Act compliance tool.

  • Q4 2016

    HSA Presentations

    Three Hill Path Incorporated invited to speak at Maintenance & Operations leadership meetings in San Diego and Los Angeles county Offices of Education about Healthy Schools Act requirements and compliance

  • February 2017


    Three Hill Path Incorporated relaunches its website and establishes news and blogging capabilities to better serve its customers and to raise public awareness of important issues.

  • More to Come

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