Tyler Christenson

Tyler Christenson

Software Developer

Tyler Christenson is a Software Developer located in Colorado Springs, CO He is well versed in AWS and Azure. Currently holding a AWS Professional Certified Solutions Architect title. He has been working in this field for the past 8 years, specializing in games, database applications, automation services, and custom software solutions. He is also experienced in IT infrastructure and networks.

What Is Custom Software?


              A lot of the times people seem to assume that custom software is only the domain of either tech companies or companies that have large in-house development teams but, that isn’t quite the case and it’s gotten easier than ever to get a solution tailored just to you. Custom software is all around us and powers commerce the world over. Even small companies of just a few people are likely to have a moment where “If only we could have some program do X for us…”.  As an example, every time an Excel workbook gets made into the “Standard Practice” it is probably good to stop and think about to yourself “can this process be replaced or assisted by a small application?”. The answer is typically yes. It’s especially important to ask this from time to time as these processes can stack up and suddenly, you’re having to hire more talent just to get through it all.


Instead of allowing that to happen, you can have a solution made just for you. It can take many forms and serve any number of purposes. It can be as simple as a process that runs against a database to calculate taxes once a night, or it could be a large web application that helps speed up and track an entire departments process. It could be a mobile app that field technicians use to track readings or status. The great part of custom software is that it’s custom, so it can fill any need or any job that you need it to.


Luckily, in today’s digital age it’s gotten easier and easier to have custom software written for you and you might be surprised how well a custom solution can work and integrate with your current processes. Many accounting solutions, for example, make it very easy to tie your data into them so if you need a robust inventory system or ticketing system built just for you, it’s very likely that system can go one step further by adding invoices or labor costs into the accounting system. That’s obviously just an example but it illustrates that while it’s not always EASY to do, you can usually integrate with existing technology for even better results.


So, it’s very likely that your company uses some custom software somewhere. It’s also likely that there are more opportunities for you to explore with new or enhanced custom software, and it can all be done for cheaper than you might expect depending on the need. Even if you’re a small on-man-show and you just need a simple google form automated, it’s not out of reach and it could save a lot of time. Letting you focus on the important things.

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Three Hill Path Incorporated is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes improve operations through development and implementation of software solutions. Sometimes an existing software package can be configured to meet a business’s needs, and sometimes it requires a custom solution to be developed from scratch. Three Hill Path Incorporated has the expertise and experience necessary to help you find your way from start to finish.


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