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Fighting Shadow IT

The bane of any IT manager or IT dept in general for that matter is “Shadow IT”. It’s difficult to deal with, hard to stop, and ultimately when it becomes a problem, it becomes IT’s problem.

Briefly, for anyone who doesn’t know, Shadow IT refers to any activity by a department to put technical solutions in place under the radar of the IT department. For example, Accounting getting some software in place that helps them reconcile books. Maybe Marketing reaches out to an MSP to get some new site hosted on Google Cloud. Maybe the Operations department is getting a backup provider put in place to sync their documents together. These are just some examples of Shadow IT but the situations are truly endless. Often, these solutions will be put in place with little to zero input from IT and after a certain period of time it eventually falls on IT to manage something they never sanctioned.

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IoT Software Development

So, there is a lot to developing custom IOT solutions, it’s not impossible but it does require some extra thought that normal software development just doesn’t have to deal with. Expect a few headaches at the very least but the reward is almost always worth it.

Software Architecture Consulting Services

Software Architecture Consulting Services

Three Hill Path Incorporated Software Architecture Consulting Services   David Walker is VP of Operations and Business Development. He has 20 years of experience in multiple industries including Information Technology and Software Development, recreational...

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