David Walker

David Walker

VP Business Development and Operations

David Walker is VP of Operations and Business Development. He has 20 years of experience in multiple industries including Information Technology and Software Development, recreational sports, insurance, and retail operations. David offers project management, quality assurance and testing during development and implementation phases. David is skilled with Power BI, Tableau, and Amazon Quicksight.

Software Architecture Consulting Services

You have a great idea for a software product, and you know that architecture is key to making it work.

But how do you create an effective architecture? How do you make sure your architecture will scale with the demand for your product? And what if there are too many stakeholders involved in decisions about your software’s future?

Three Hill Path provides custom software consulting services to help our clients build robust architectures for their products. We start by getting to know your business and how it works, then we map out all the moving parts and come up with a plan that allows us to maximize scalability while minimizing risk. This way we can design an agile architecture that keeps pace with growth without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Our software architecture consulting services include:

– A thorough assessment of your business and its potential for success in the marketplace.

– Planning and analysis, with a focus on quality and scalability.

– Architecture design and implementation, with an agile approach that keeps pace with growth without sacrificing functionality or quality.

– Coaching to help promote efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing between stakeholders.

– Support for the entire development life cycle, to help maintain your product’s architecture.

Why most companies need a software architect consultant

It’s pretty common for businesses to underestimate the essentiality of quality software architecture.

This is because many different people are involved in the design and creation of a business’ products, including product managers, business owners, project managers, marketing teams, designers, developers…the list goes on.

More often than not companies will hire one or more programmers at first and then hand their ideas off to them with no further oversight or input into how they should be implemented. Unfortunately this may result in long-term problems that can’t easily be fixed without an extensive rewrite.

Our hands-on approach builds your team and we make sure that everyone who needs to know about your product’s designs knows about them by working closely with all your stakeholders every step of the way.

Three Hill Path is your team

Three Hill Path is your team—your in-house team that knows everything about your business. We can help you create a scalable architecture for your product that incorporates all the best practices and innovative techniques around, ensuring that it will work efficiently now and well into the future, no matter how much demand there is for it or how many people are using it.

We’ll implement our standards right from the start so there’s no risk of future problems with compatibility, interoperability or performance down the line.

We’ll coach you to ensure high-quality teamwork between all stakeholders involved in designing and developing your product’s software, ensuring that everyone has access to up-to-date, accurate information about how it’s supposed to work.

We’ll give you the knowledge and the tools you need to maintain your product architecture for life, allowing you to focus on making better products instead of worrying about software design.

Our mission is simple: help businesses become more efficient by creating excellent architectures for their products.

Our process for successful software architectural design

We take a systematic approach that begins with understanding your business, its needs and how it works so we can design an effective architecture customized to the unique needs of your business. This way you get all the benefits of agile development while maintaining quality and functionality.

Our services are also scalable based on our client’s needs, whether it is just one team member or an entire enterprise. With Three Hill Path you can rest assured that your software will stay strong no matter what comes next in the wave of technological advances.

We pride ourselves on delivering to you a world-class product – one that performs better, costs less and is more easily future-proofed.

For us to do this though, we have to design the architecture from the ground up so it’s scalable enough to quickly respond when success explodes.

This is why we start by identifying your business process flow and understanding how it works, then we determine what’s working well and where changes need to be made. This way our team can create an architecture that enhances your software without impeding it.

Needless to say, this isn’t a project for just anyone – it requires the right combination of skills in order to deliver quality results. That’s why our team has years of experience developing custom architectures for many different companies, big and small. So let’s talk about your vision so we can get started designing your product into something new and exciting!

Contact us today at Three Hill Path for more information on our Software Architecture Consulting Services!



What is Software Architecture?

Software Architecture is no longer just an early-stage planning exercise that is done at the start of a project. Software Architecture has now become an integral component of your software development process.

Software Architecture is your project’s blueprint – the plan that provides a clear and detailed specification of what your system’s components are, how they interact with each other, and how the requirements will be satisfied.

Software Architecture has now become an integral component of your software development process. It is largely concerned with design principles, such as Separation of Concerns (SoC) and high cohesion/low coupling during decision making related to applications and programming languages. Professional software architecture consulting services offered by a Three Hill Path can help!


What are the key factors in software architecture?

Development efforts can fall short when they overly emphasize the stability and reliability of their architecture for momentary purposes with minimal allowance for scalability and flexibility.

To ensure success, the architecture must be able to change as business needs evolve – even if those changes are requested after delivery. If too much effort is spent up front or modifications are restricted by rigid contracts, projects can fall into disarray.

What are the benefits of software architecture?

Well-designed architecture can help an organization turn evolving industry conditions to its advantage and respond to changes in regulations and industry standards.

What are Software Architecture’s Common Challenges?

Many organizations lack a culture of process rigor needed to ensure long-term success. Without structure, software projects have been known to fail outright or fall short of expectations for functionality and performance.

Organizations need to invest in developing their architecture skills for the long-term benefit of the company.

  What will your professional services team do?

Our approach to software architecture consulting services is flexible and tailored to fit your project goals and unique situation.

We will work with you to meet your expectations.

We will provide an initial review of the project and suggest possible alternatives or design patterns that can help you achieve your project goals.

Our services include architecting entire systems, as well as developing high-level design models from which detailed architectures can be developed. Our use cases include application, integration and infrastructure architecture development. In addition, we have extensive experience in designing software products that support the development of other products and services, a very challenging task. 

Why should I invest in my Software Architecture?

Defining your software architecture early on gives you time to adapt; allowing you to make changes before it’s too late! Investing early in a solid system architecture can decrease your project’s overall cost and time to market. 

Developing a sustainable software architecture supports the long-term growth of your company. Investing in an effective architecture today can lead to increased revenue tomorrow!


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